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Friday, April 18, 2014

Maggie Mouse in Peter Rabbit!!

Adorableness. Maggie's class put on a performance of Peter Rabbit today. I couldn't go, because I had my kids at the animal shelter for dog walking and cat cuddling during community service day. But I got to go yesterday with two of my students for the dress rehearsal.


Here's a pic one of my students took:

She's the one on the left with the bean in her mouth!
Maggie still doesn't speak at school, but she got the perfect role: a mouse who can't answer Peter Rabbit's question because she's either "too shy or too polite to talk with a bean in her mouth." Ha!

The four little guys next to her are birds.

You may recall that Nina once acted in the same play. Ahh, how time flies... take a trip down memory lane here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I love you!

The girls and I love to tell each other how much we love each other. It goes like this:

Nina or Maggie: I love you!
Me: I love you more!
Nina or Maggie: Who is this Youmore?!!

Ha! They crack me up!

In another funny, I was looking at one of those Facebook "You might be a child of the 80s if you played with these toys" type listicles  (list + article = listicle), and Nina came, peered over my shoulder, and said

"What are you looking at? Olden days toys?"


Thursday, April 10, 2014

An art post

Frozen-themed, of course!

The girls drew these yesterday and today, and they're so good I have to share. First, Nina's:

 We've got Anna and Elsa, Olaf (the snowman) and Sven (the reindeer. Nina thinks it's spelled and pronounced "Schvenn," which is adorable), and Christophe and Hans (Who is this Hans? Lol! Inside Frozen joke!!)

And next, Maggie's:

It says "No Olaf" at the top, in reference to the fact that he's not allowed to swim, as pictured in the top left drawing (because he's a snowman of course!). The top right reads "Olaf lix worm hu9s," which she spelled ALL BY HERSELF and says "Olaf likes warm hugs." Below that is him melting in the sun, him melting in some water, him being impaled, him "with a drink in his hand, his snow up against the burning sand (probably getting gorgeously tanned!) in summer," and finally, Olaf exclaiming "60!" and running off to find Anna after she told him to wait for a minute.

These actually aren't examples of Maggie being morbid, these are just scenes from the movie. I guess you have to see it to understand.... here, watch this:

Ha ha!

And for good measure, one photo of me with the boys. They just miss me so much when I'm gone all day!

90-lb lap dogs, that's our boys...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A tea party!

They had the cutest tea party at the Opera House today. Look!

Me and the girls. Aww!

Mmmm, cupcakes!

Nina with her doll Marisol.

The whole group. Isn't that a lovely table? Decorated with an Easter theme!

A Marisol close-up.
 See that dress Marisol is wearing? Nina designed it and I made it. Yesterday! Because no matter how much I have to do, none of it is as fun as making doll dresses with the girls!

So grown up!

Kit got a new dress too, of course!

Maggie designed that dress all by herself. We had so much fun!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring has sprung!!

Finally! It was 50 degrees today, ahhh.... sunny too. We went to the playground after school and the wind was awful, but I'm still not complaining. There was such a bright sun, and it felt sooooo good!!

Yesterday I had to go all the way to South Portland and take my Praxis. What a pain! There's a reading section, a math section, a grammar section, and an essay. You're allotted 4.5 hours to take it, but I managed to scoot through it in about 2. Perfect score in the math section (it was maybe as challenging as a PSAT) but I think I missed one or two in the verbal! Infuriating. There were 2 questions I thought could go one of two ways, but what are you gonna do... Not questions I would have approved for publication, but I guess the good folks at ETS thought they were fitting. Ah well. I was complaining to Maggie about my imperfect score and she said to me, "Is there a prize for getting a perfect score?" And I said, "No." And she said, "Well then who cares?"


After the test I did a quick Trader Joe's run, home to drop off the groceries, over to school to pick up the girls, dropped them off at the Ebb Tide, back to school for a meeting, girls again, then home to make dinner, clean up, and get everyone to bed. Whew, it's no wonder I'm totally exhausted today! Exhausted, and still a bit peeved about that verbal score. Oh well. No prizes, no prizes...

I sure can't wait for Friday!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby Shower!

Isabelle's baby shower was on Saturday. It was fantastic! Martine, Marthe, and Isabelle decorated amazingly. Check out the presents area:

And check out that lovely banner. The girls and I made it!

Here's the amazing spread. Everything wasn't even out yet in this photo--there was eggplant parmigiana, fruit kebabs, a bunch of salads, and tons of other stuff, I don't even remember it all. Plus a TON of candy, cupcakes, tiramisu (I was too sick to make it, so Erik bought one), and Isabelle's flower rice krispies on a stick). Amazing.

And punch! How could I forget the punch?

After food, games!

Games and more punch...
 There was "guess which babies are Isabelle and Erik," "guess the candies," "unscramble the words," and "guess the size of the belly."

Speaking of belly:
Also note the cup in the foreground. Punch.
She looks amazing!!

The girls and I drove down on Saturday morning with Isabelle's friend Bianca and Nick stayed home with the dogs. Very smooth trip down, no traffic, great driving weather. Maybe our next trip down will be to meet the little guy!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Ugh. The girls stayed home today, and I the only reason I went to work was because that was easier than being home with them. Lucky for me, it was early release day, I had two free periods at the end, an no one wanted me sneezing my germs around the faculty meeting after school, so I got to go home early. Tomorrow I'm pretty much all set to have a sub, so if I don't feel better, that's ready to go. The girls are doing much better, so hopefully this one is a quickie.

In good news, that awful nor'easter is far enough off the coast that we're getting some wicked winds, but NO SNOW!


Tomorrow it's supposed to get above freezing too! Oh sweet warm upper 30s! Maybe I'll go swimming! Lay out in the sun!

Unreal that it's almost April and we're still shivering, scraping ice off the windshield in the morning, wearing snow pants... Worst winter ever, hands down.