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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yes, February was a cold one...

Average daily high for the month was 22.5 degrees, average low was 3. That's more than TEN DEGREES below normal monthly averages.

Fortunately, things are slowly beginning to turn around. I mean, of course we're forecast to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight, but that's a mere dusting for this winter. It might time out to hit at an awkward enough time that we have a late start, but that's such a narrow window for the snow to hit that it's just gonna be a wait and see. I like late starts, though. We usually just trim a few minutes off each period at school and cut their study hall (they can study during those 2 hours at home!), so we get pretty much everything in, plus some extra time to do stuff at home in the morning. Win-win. Anyway, the part of the forecast that's a turn around is that we have quite a few days above 30 in the near forecast, one predicted to hit over 40, and nothing lower than the 20s (daytime highs of course). PLUS, the 10 day forecast contains NO nights below zero and just 2 in the single digits. Woot! Summer here we come!!

Sad. So sad that this is good. The girls and I baked 2 dozen cinnamon rolls and chocolate cinnamon rolls yesterday, so we're drowning our sorrows in those.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

How old am I again?

I was in the bathroom with Maggie and she was talking about something, then turned to me and said:

"Wait, were you born in the 2000s or the 1000s?"
"Uh... I guess the 1000s," I said.
"Wow you are old!" she said.

Well yeah, when you put it that way, I doth feel like thine olde mother indeed!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kill me. Kill me now (snow, of course)

Well, the good news is we got a 2 hour delay. That's why I'm chillin in my bathrobe, posting here on a Wednesday at 8 am. The bad news is:

6 inches of fresh white stuff, blanketing the 3 feet of old white stuff. That swing you see is one that Nina had put really high up. See how it's almost as high as the trapeze bar? See how the snow is as high as the trampoline? I had just cleaned the roof off of the playhouse over vacation, silly me.

Here's the patio table. I've cleared it and the chairs off numerous times, which is why it's not totally buried. But there's no more "clearing off" when the snow is higher than the table and chairs. I quit.

I have a car. It's red. Have you seen it? I guess I should be dealing with that instead of blogging. Well, I'll be quick, but I still have a few minutes before I need to get out there.

But look at this happiness! Girls and dogs, cuddling. Moments after this Moxie threw up on Nina, so I got to do floors and a load of laundry. Woot. Good thing it's a snow day!

Now off to clear off that car!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cousins! (And snow!)

The girls and I quickly jaunted down to Newburyport on Friday morning to get some much-needed Joey time. It was wonderful!!

Here they are on the couch in the morning. The girls were a little hesitant to get too close, because Joey's entered that teething and drooling stage of little boyhood, and they're very nervous about that stage. But there was less drool early in the morning, so the closeness returned. 

He's getting bigger and bigger every day! We got to see his first ever fully independent pull to a stand on Friday too. Go Joey!

The girls spent a lot of time outside with the neighbor girls, jumping off Aunt and Unk's shed and into a snowbank, over and over and over. Fun times!

Then we saw SpongeBob the Movie at Chunky's, the place where you sit in old car chairs and get dinner with your movie. It was... um... not bad for an hour and a half of SpongeBob. The girls loved it anyway!

Then we raced back home in time for Courtney's party for her mom's 5-year cancer survivor anniversary. Great party! After that we were pooped. Of course it snowed overnight, but just a couple of inches, no big. Supposed to be warm today, we might even (dare I hope!) hit 40 degrees today! It's 28 right now at 8 am, so it seems possible! Please, gods of spring, give us some hope!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

More snow!

Wow this is just so beyond exciting! Not!

Today I tried jumping to my death from the trampoline. I'm here, it failed, but at least it was fun. This was after I shoveled that fresh 6 inches of snow from it that fell last night. Then I shoveled the decks. Wait first I raked the roof, then I shoveled. I was feeling so good I went and shoveled mom and dad's lower deck. "I'll just use the shovel to push it off the deck," I said to myself. "This will be easy!" Then I noticed that the snow is as high as the deck, so pushing it "off" wasn't going to work. I shoveled for a while, feeling the burn, thinking about how toned my arm(s) will look when (if) the weather gets warm enough for a sleeveless top. Wow the snow at the bottom of a 4 foot pile is packed and heavy! The dogs enjoy standing on my shovel, so eventually I gave up cursing and shoveling snow on them, cleared off the BBQ, table, and Adirondack chairs, and went home.

Home, where I cleared off the car, after I cleared the boat that is.

Then I went to check on Fred and Nancy's house. "That's a lot of snow on their deck," I said to myself. "I'll just push it off with my shovel." (Clearly I'm losing my mind at this point). I shoveled for a while. It's all fluffy at the top, but heavier and heavier with each shovel full. Oh well, I don't work out, this is good for me. I quit after a bit of that too, but if they need a nice corner of the deck to stick two chairs on, by golly they've got it!

I'm done shoveling for the day now. I tell you though, raking the roof is harder than any shoveling. Give me an hour of shoveling over 15 minutes of raking any day.

Of course there's more snow and cold in the forecast. Of course there is. I got a kick out of a headline I saw on the channel 6 website this morning--apparently there's a snow dump pile near the Portland jetport, and they have to stop using it because if it gets any higher, it'll violate FAA regulations.


It's almost March though. It WILL get better! Not in the 10 day forecast, that's filled with storms and cold. But it has to, eventually....

Monday, February 16, 2015

Today's little project

And by "little," I mean 5-hour.

It started like this, the girls' computer and play area at the top of the stairs:

The last time anyone  moved the table and desk around  was when the girls were playing school about a year ago. Nina did add that lovely little lamp you can see on the corner of her desk, but pretty much it's been neglected (but oft used) since then.

Here's a look at the opposite wall. I took this picture after I moved the black steel filing cabinet in the very corner.

What a sad-looking bookcase! Would you want to read a book from that book case? No one had, not in ages. It needed a pick-me-up too.

I'm not just a rearranger, of course. I like to sort, organize, and wipe down each and every book, so it took a long time. But I put some of the girls art into storage, pulled some things aside for Joey, and got a whole bag of clothes for my co-worker Emily. The cleaning and sorting were the real bulk of the work.

But now, behold!

Nina's big desk, a smaller desk for Maggie (tablecloth because it just doesn't match, but I'll probably paint it this summer), then Kit and Marisol's bed. You also can't tell that there's a little throw rug on the ground, but there is.

Here's the wall on the left:

Anna, Elsa, and a bunch of adorable drawings Nina had done. Opposite that and next to the bathroom door is an angry birds poster, to set the gaming atmosphere. (The girls play a lot of minecraft up there).

Finally, I moved the book case to the family room for toy storage:

So necessary in there!

All of this was made possible by an extraordinarily long play date for the girls at their friends Grace and Rose's house. What a productive vacation so far!

Oh joy of joys!

It missed us! Boston got hammered with about 18 inches (and it all fell overnight), and we got just a couple, maybe 4 or 5 total. Hooray! Of course, it was freezing and blowing and the path to mom and dad's mostly filled in so there's still shoveling, but I don't care. No plowing, no 2 feet to shovel off the decks and trampoline!

It's cold today, but 6 already at 9 am, so not really any colder than we've been having. The water in the back might freeze for the first time that I can remember, take a look:

Very large ice floes, and they're even bigger down in mom and dad's direction. You know those can't fit through Oven's Mouth, so they're just gonna sit there getting bigger and bigger until it gets warmer or they cover the whole surface. We'll see!

Today the girls will go play at their friends' Grace and Rose's house. What to do with a few hours to myself?? Yesterday we baked a lemon meringue pie (excellent as always) with a homemade crust (we're hooked, never a store bought crust shall pass through my oven again). So no baking. We'll see!