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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Braced for some cold!

Brrr! And, Ewww!!! I hate the cold. Hate. But it's just a quick snap, and really nothing compared to what the rest of the country is going through. A few days in the 30s, then we'll creep back up to the 40s and 50s. I'll survive, most likely.

Poor Maggie stayed home today. Loose stools! Poor kid.

Nina took Bus 1 to the Ebb Tide by herself after school, because it was early release day. I got a phone call at work at 1:30--it was the school, and she wasn't on Bus 3. "She's taking Bus 1 to the Ebb Tide," I said. "Oh, ok," they said. Good, no big deal.

Then I got another phone call at 2:00. "Nina's not on Bus 1. Did your husband come and get her?"


Oh my God. Where was my child. I dashed down to my classroom in case she'd wound up there. No. Nina. I ran to the elementary school. The principal was telling Teresa to get Lyndon, the bus driver boss who can radio all the other buses, and have him instruct every bus in the fleet to pull over and ask for Nina. At the same time, Lisa was calling the Ebb Tide to check with mom.

Lisa got mom, Nina was there. There was a substitute bus driver on 1 who didn't know Nina, and she'd gotten off at the stop by Red Cup, not realizing that this year, the bus stopped right in front of the Ebb Tide, Of course, as Lisa predicted, mom noticed that the bus had gone by and would have called the school if Nina hadn't gotten off, and in the end all was well.

About a half hour later, while I was finishing up my meetings, I noticed that my abs were in burning pain, as though I'd done a hundred situps. Stress! I'm sure I'll have a dozen more gray hairs and a few new wrinkles tomorrow. Sigh....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Now for some funnies...

Last week, I was playing a monster high app with Maggie on the (TINY!) iPod. I tried to select a necklace for the monster girl we were designing, but it wouldn't click.

"Here," said Maggie sweetly. "I'll click that for you. Your fat fingers are useless."


A week before that, she out of the blue says to me, "I peeked on you when you were in the shower the other day, and I saw your butt. It's fleshy, and bumpy, and moley."

For no reason she tells me this!

I thought she'd said moldy, which really hurt, but she clarified that no, it just has moles on it.

So, whew, I guess. My self-esteem is just through the roof.

I might have to buy this swimsuit:

It's Beyonce, and her swimsuit says "99 problems but my ass ain't one"

Ha! Take that Maggie! I'm gettin' it!

Busy, busy, same old story

I hope I can get back in the habit of blogging more often, but boy is it hard. Busy with work, the house, the kids, the dogs, and so little time left for anything else, much less blogging!

Since I last posted, great-grandma died, so that's kept us all busy. I was at the hospital on Saturday, but I didn't take the girls with me, since she always looks so sick and frail at the hospital (it's something about the gown and bed combo I guess), and I didn't want them to get scared. She was very alert, very talkative (the nurse said the steroids will do that), but hard to understand with her oxygen mask on. She had very bad pnemonia at this point, and her heart was beginning to fail. She died Sunday morning, and I went out early with Mom and Dad to catch the 11:00 am mass at St. John's with Jessica. It was very nice.

Jessica said that grandma died in her sleep, and it was very peaceful and quiet. She didn't struggle to breathe and didn't choke, but her heartrate just slowly dropped until it stopped.

At around 1:00 on Sunday Nick came by with the girls, and we took Valentina with us to go see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It was cute! We laughed a lot. We got a giant popcorn and soda (unlimited refills!), and Val promptly dumped half the bucket on the floor. Kids!! She's enormous by the way Vanessa and Erik, almost as tall as Jessica. And only 14! Unbelievable.

Monday was back to work and school, and the family all came to mom and dad's after dinner.

Tuesday the kids and I had no school because it was Veteran's Day, so I went back to Brunswick with mom to help clean out Grandma's apartment.

So that takes us to today, which was just an ordinary early release Wednesday. The girls went to the Ebb Tide after school while I did meetings, and I picked them up after that. Now we're all pretty drained and heading to bed soon.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I'll confess up front that out photos from the day are lame. I didn't have the camera, I think Maggie's little friend Rose had it most of the time, so the pickins are slim. But we were just having too much fun to take pictures!

First, the girls and I raced over to the library for the Halloween parade. Raced over after some rollerskating in the parking lot time, that is.

We threw their costumes on (skeleton bride and zombie cheerleader) and trick-or-treated at the local businesses lining Townsend avenue. "GIMMIE CANDY!" Maggie joyously exclaimed at the first businesses. Her sweet, genuinely enthusiastic voice, filled with all the joy of childhood, made the statement sound adorable, not bratty and demanding. Everyone within earshot laughed, but I reminded her to say "Trick or Treat." (I pretend she's not mine in situations like this and just call her "Little girl." Sue me.)

Then it was on to our friends the Campbells for some pizza and trick or treating on their street. Erik may have stolen Craig and Elizabeth from me, but I can retaliate by stealing Jay and Gish. Ha!! Take that Erik!! They're MY friends now!

Ok, they're Maggie and Nina's friends. Here are Maggie and Rose:

They did more candy-handing-outing than trick-or-treating
It was sweet, because Rose decided that she wanted to hand out candy and not trick or treat. Maggie started off trick or treating, but then decided that Rose might be lonely, so she went back to the house to keep her company. Aww! They're such good buddies!

I have no pictures of Grace and Nina. Sorry! But here are our pumpkins:

That's Maggie's on the left, Nina's on the right. They were REALLY scary when we got home last night, because they'd molded to near piles of mush. Maggie's was so rotted that it collapsed in my hands when I tried to chuck it into the woods, so now it's a pile of mush in the lawn. Classy. I'm sure the dogs will eat it mom, don't worry.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre-Halloween fun

 Maggie came home with a partially completed Halloween drawing that she finished after school, and I must say, it's really fantastic. Look:

Note the craters in the moon, the howling wolf at the far right, the monster plants, the cracked and bleeding walls, the bats and black cats, and the ghost in the window. 

She ran out of space for a cemetery off to one side, so it's on the reverse:

See the hands reaching up from the graves? 

Yesterday we were goofing around and she stuck a rubber and on her foot. "Oh no, something's wrong with my foot!" she said.

"Oh dear!" I said. "You know what happened? Toe trolls got to you! They do things like this," I started.

"Tell me more!" she replied with big wide eyes, as she slipped Nick's giant headphones over her ears.

Sassed! By a 6 year old!! I give up...

Friday, October 24, 2014

What a birthday!!

Such a big day! It started with some amazing presents in the morning:

Presents and cards and presents oh my!
 To Des! Frume Maggie! So darn cute.

But she wasn't so cute any more after school, when she transformed into....


Man, that is one creepy little kid!
 The dead flowers were her idea. Perfect!

Adorable, sweet Nina was a cheerleader. A ZOMBIE cheerleader!!

I made the shirt, but the skirt is the one Karen made Anna years ago.
 She made the zombie leg tights all by herself. They both looked great.

Then, I've neglected to mention this, but Maggie's had her first wiggly tooth. It's gotten really loose lately, then today she bit down on something and it got really loose.  Sure enough, we picked her up from the party, and look!:

My baby lost her first tooth!!!!!! What a day!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Damariscotta pumpkin festival

Photos! The pumpkins were SO COOL! And it was a banner year for growth, holy moly. Check them out!

Kissing pumpkins, so Maggie joined in on the love!

Medusa! Scary! This was probably a 300 lb pumpkin.
 Look at the mastery on this bad boy:

This is a painted pumpkin. So big I couldn't even get far enough away!
But the winner is...
 Can you see that tag? It says this pumpkin weighs one thousand, six hundred, and ninety-five pounds.

Just, wow. Let that sink in for a minute. One THOUSAND, six HUNDRED, ninety-five. Just a ninety-five pound pumpkin would be ridiculously big, but this!!

We didn't catch the regatta, that was on Monday. What's a pumpkin regatta you ask? Surely Mainers aren't crazy enough to hollow out a pumpkin, attach an outboard motor, and race them, are they?